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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The Marsden and One Tree Point areas have recently seen a big increase in building activity. Several large companies have current housing projects and more are poised to start.

Many Aucklanders fleeing the rat race are looking to move north. Such a move makes excellent financial sense as it allows people to release some equity on sale of their Auckland home and still buy a lovely villa at Bream Bay Village.

Let's take a look at John & Annie's situation:

They have both worked hard all their lives, Annie is a teacher and John has a small home handyman business. They have three adult children, Mike, Leanne & Steph and four grand children.

Annie and John own their own suburban home which has increased in value over the years and although, far from wealthy they are financially comfortable.

John is 67 and he's sold his business and intends to stop working this year. Annie at 65 is also keen to retire to a new life. Most of the equity they have is tied up in their mortgagee free home.

John and Annie are still healthy and active and intend to continue living life to the fullest. However, they hanker for a relaxed lifestyle with more travel and interesting experiences.

Real estate agents come to their door every week offering them amazing prices for their home. Annie has friends who are living in retirement villages in the city, but she thinks that they are too expensive and John thought they were very cramped.

Annie and John know that they need to fund their future travel, but to live in the city villages would take all their available cash. They're sick of living in the city anyway with all its hustle and bustle.

Annie looked on line and found Bream Bay Village. When John & Annie visited they loved the spacious layout of the Village and the Villas were amazing.

John & Annie discovered that they could sell their home, put half of the money in the bank and get a brand new, two bedroom, 2 bathroom villa at Bream Bay Village.

This was a great solution for John and Annie. Now they're free to travel, see their family and have a wonderful lifestyle and they're living only a short distance from their old home.

Take a look around the website and let us know what you think.

Bream Bay Village Villa
A spacious new Villa at Bream Bay Village

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