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August Happenings

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

The Club House with the bowling green groundworks

The Club House Consent has been issued!

Winter may not yet be a distant memory, but here at Bream Bay Village we're looking firmly forward and toward the coming spring.

The Club House consent has been issued from Council and we've begun the exciting phase of building this incredible community asset.

We can't wait to be sitting on the terrace watching our residents making use of the five lane, all-weather bowling green.

It's an exciting time!

Stage 2 Villas

Stage 3 is underway!

If you've been waiting for Stage 3 you need to contact us ASAP to make sure that you secure your new home. We know that demand for the Villas in this stage will be high due to their location alongside The Club House and the bowling green, so don't delay in contacting us.

Stage 1 of the Village is sold out.

We have a few Villas still available in Stage 2, and we are fizzing with excitement to be bringing Stage 3 to you so early in the life of the Village.

We're also thrilled with the way the Villas alongside Pokapu Road have come together. The planting is taking shape (helped by the winter rain) and the hedging looks great.

If you haven't visited recently, feel free to pop into our display Villa which is open 7 days a week from 11am to 3pm.

If you've been waiting for Stage 3 get in touch so you can secure your preferred Villa.

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